Broo's Views

  • Companies need to make it easy to be good

    Whilst many people are becoming interested in sustainability, the majority are not willing to make sacrifices for it. Therefore, if we want people to make better choices, then companies need to make it easy for them.
  • The ultimate sustainable packaging option

    There is only one sustainable packaging option. Zero packaging.

  • The problem with compostable packaging

    When it comes to packaging, we all know that we don’t want plastic. It is made from petroleum, takes centuries to degrade (releasing CO2 as it does), and only a fraction of it can actually be recycled. So what next?

    Compostable packaging is growing in popularity. This will biodegrade quickly, and so it isn’t going to pollute our oceans. However, most of it doesn’t actually get composted, and as a result it will rot and produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.