Our Story Continues

We make it easy to be good.

We make it easy for you and your side-kick to share the love, to look after each other and look after the planet.

I believe that we all need to take action to minimise the environmental impact we have on the planet. If we as individuals make different decisions about what we buy, then companies will adapt to provide those things.

However, I also believe that people will only make those choices if we make it easy for them. Many people won't make the more sustainable choice unless the new product or service is at least as good as their existing options.

I was keen to start a business that did just this. We want to make it easy to be good. Both good for the planet, and good for your dog.

In my mind, this means keeping it simple. We keep the ingredients simple, to ensure they are good for your dog. And we make the buying process simple, to make it easy for you to make the good choice.

For us, Sustainability is a brilliant business model for changing the world. What profits us can profit the planet, and vice versa. Looking for that symbiotic win-win-win in unexpected situations is at the heart of what we are doing at BrewBix.

And hopefully we can have some fun along the way ;)