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1kg grain makes 10 pints of beer

The Brewing Process

1. The mash

Hot water is run through grain to make sugary water called "wort".

2. The boil

Hops are added to the Kettle to give flavour, aroma and bitterness.

3. Fermentation

Yeast is added to the fermenting vessel, which eats the sugar and creates CO2 and alcohol.

4. Packaging

The yeast is dropped out, and the beer is packaged into casks, kegs, bottles or cans!

Our grain comes from Villages

BrewBix are made from the grain used to make one of the core range beers

Rodeo Pale Ale - 4.6%

Rodeo is a light straw colour with a gentle haze. Citrus and grapefruit aromas and flavours come from Citra and Cascade, giving a balanced floral tone. Low bitterness and a soft body. Real refreshing!

Whistle lager - 4.4%

A crisp, unfiltered lager with lots of flavour. Saaz and Hallertau Mittelfrüh give it those traditional floral and spicy notes. The yeast gives a big ester profile and a clean finish.

Rafiki Session IPA - 4.3%

Tropical notes of mango, passionfruit and guava come from Mosaic and Ekuanot. Smooth bitterness and a sweet biscuity malt flavour.

Match the beer to the biscuit

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*The beer stamps for the yellow boxes are rubbing off. The Bix in yellow boxes were made with Rodeo grain.