The ultimate sustainable packaging option

We all know that we don’t want to use plastic. You are probably bored of hearing about plastic.

Compostable packaging is nice. It doesn’t hang around forever and so isn’t likely to get stuck up a turtle’s nose. But as I've written before it’s still single use, it takes energy to create it, it will generally end up in landfill where it rots and creates methane.

That’s why we use recycled cardboard for BrewBix packaging. But this is far from perfect. Recycling isn’t 100% effective, and it takes plenty of energy to farm trees, manufacture the packaging and also recycle it. It’s responsible for 50% of BrewBix’s carbon footprint, and it’s also more expensive to make than the biscuits themselves!

There is only one sustainable packaging option. Zero packaging.

Buying in bulk from refill stores is by far and away the best option. Not only is infinitely better for the planet, but it is also generally much cheaper too! You can buy BrewBix for less in zero waste stores than you can from our website!

We’re available in yet more refill stores, such as Greenwise Ashtead, Juniper in Hampshire, Good and Proper in Weston-super-Mare, Walkthrough in Crystal Palace and the Top Up Truck in North London, and we are now even available for national delivery through EcoRefill. All their packaging is returnable, so is re-used before eventually being recycled.

So do support these stores, and let us know if there are more that you would like to see us in!

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