Good for your dog. Good for the planet.

Healthy treats upcycled from craft brewery leftovers

We all love to share a treat with our dog. We use treats as a way to nurture our relationship and share love. At the same time, we all know that leftovers are often the start of the tastiest meals...

So we took the nutritious leftovers of brewing craft beer and turned them into tasty treats for dogs, whilst also being good for your dog and good for the planet.

Dogs love them

Many humans love the taste of beer, and it seems dogs do too! The spent barley and yeast from brewing are a hit with dogs. And just to make sure they love our Bix, we added some peanut butter too!

Good for your dog

We worked with a dog nutritionist to develop the recipe. Our Bix have just 5 natural ingredients, and have been approved to be good for your dog's digestion, skin and coat.

Good for the planet

We upcycle nutritious leftovers. We bake in wood-fired carbon neutral ovens. Our packaging is plastic free and widely recycled. We then offset the rest of our carbon TWICE, to make our Bix carbon negative. Pretty sustainable huh?!

What do our customers say?


"They make delicious treats that are good for my tummy 😋 and good for the planet 🌍 I have a super sensitive tum so I have struggled to find treats I actually like but these hit the spot 👍 "


"Beer, biscuits, environmentally friendly - what’s not to like?!"


“My dog absolutely loves them and also the fact they are used with spent grain from the craft beer process I think is a very nice touch”

Letterbox-friendly packaging

Our box fits perfectly through your letterbox to make sure it arrives easily every time. As we pack directly into the box, we minimise packaging and maximise Bix!


175g box - letterbox friendly and plastic free

Use the code FREESHIPPINGTODAY at checkout

Box of BrewBix

Money back if your dog doesn't like them!

We are confident in our treats, so if your dog isn't a fan, we will refund you the cost of your first box.

What our customers say

My dogs go mad for these now! Best treat I've had for them in a long time


Dogs love them and feel like I’m doing something for the planet


Stanley loves the treats and he is usually fussy so this was a great surprise!


My dog loves them, they're good value and eco friendly! What's not to love?


Our dog loves them (even though they’re picky) and size is good for a treat.


Making it easy to be good

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175g box - letterbox friendly and plastic free

Use the code FREESHIPPINGTODAY at checkout

Box of BrewBix


How big is a box?

175g. We've packed as many Bix in as possible, whilst keeping it letterbox-friendly.

How many treats do you get in a box?

A box contains about 36 Bix on average. So it's a perfect daily treat for a monthly subscription!

What are the ingredients?

There are just 5 natural, plant-based ingredients:

  • Wholemeal flour
  • Brewers Spent Grain
  • Peanut butter
  • Linseed
  • Brewers Yeast

What is the nutrient content?

Crude Protein 13.7%, Crude Oils & Fats 16.4%, Crude Fibre 3.9%, Crude Ash 2.7%.

Are these suitable for puppies?

All our ingredients are natural, so should be fine for a puppy's tummy. However, they are quite hard/crunchy, so may not be suitable until your puppy has its big teeth. Best to break them up!

Isn't grain bad for dogs?

Well, no.
If your dog has a grain/gluten allergy, then yes, grain will be bad for your dog. But that’s quite uncommon. In fact, your dog is much more likely to be allergic to animal protein!

There is very little evidence to support the grain-free movement, and studies show that some grain in the diet is better than a strict high protein diet.

Are they vegan friendly?

Yes! As dogs seem to love our Bix, we felt no need to add any animal products.

Aren't hops and alcohol dangerous for dogs!

Correct! That's why we make sure there is no alcohol or hops in our Bix. We just take the grain and the brewers yeast (after it has been dried).

Will my dog get drunk?

Afraid not! There is no alcohol in our Bix.

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