The most sustainable dog treats out there?

My mission at BrewBix is to “make it easy to be good”, and create the most sustainable and convenient dog treats. Packaging is a big part of that, and so I’m very proud to announce our new plastic-free, fully recyclable, letterbox-friendly, CARBON NEGATIVE box!

BrewBix box on grass

Existing packaging options

Many dog treats are packed into pouches. Whilst there are a lot of advantages to these, I have a few problems with them:

  1. They are often made with plastic. You don’t need me to talk about the problems with plastic, but even the recyclable ones are not effectively recycled (less than 10% of plastic actually gets recycled in the UK)
  2. The compostable pouches are clearly better, but they need to be industrially composted. How many people are putting these pouches in their compost bin? Maybe we will improve here, but I don’t believe many of these get composted appropriately.
  3. If people are getting their pouches in the post, then pouches need to be packed into even more packaging for protection, usually a box.

Some companies do pack into a box, but often there is also an extra wrapper inside, and it is also often packed into another box to post…

Introducing the BrewBix box!

Letterbox-friendly BrewBix box


The dimensions of the box mean that it fits through your letterbox and maximises the amount of biscuits it contains without increasing the cost of postage. It also fits snugly in your cupboard!

Minimal packaging

By packing directly into the box that we are going to post in, we minimise the amount of packaging as much as possible. No plastic wrappers, no mailer boxes.

Widely recycled

By only using cardboard (along with some clever greaseproofing) we are only using materials that can be widely recycled. Everyone knows what to do with cardboard!

Carbon Negative

We minimised the carbon that was produced to make each batch. For instance:

  • We use (nutritious) waste materials as ingredients
  • Bix are baked in wood-fired carbon neutral ovens
  • Minimal, widely recycled packaging

We then measured all the carbon that was produced to make each batch when packed into these boxes, and we have offset TWICE that amount. That means that by buying these boxes you are helping to remove carbon from the earth’s atmosphere!

I don’t know if this makes it the most sustainable dog treat out there, but it can’t be far off. Subscribe to them now, and get your regular delivery of carbon negative dog biscuits without having to ever think about it again.

Does that make it easy for you to be good?

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