Should dog treats be vegan?

It’s Veganuary, and many humans are giving up meat (or decreasing their consumption) for a whole month. There are considerable health and environmental benefits if done well. But should dogs be doing the same?

I am not a pet nutritionist, so I can’t weigh in too heavily on whether dogs can be fully vegan. Whilst it may be possible for them to get all their nutrients from plant-based foods, my instinct is that it will be easier/safer to incorporate meat into their diet to make sure they get everything they need.

However, it is clear that dogs have evolved to become facultative carnivores - they can digest some carbohydrates (unlike cats) and get the nutritional benefits. So not everything in their diet needs to contain meat.

So the main things I believe are:

  • Meat production puts a lot of strain on the environment
  • Plant-based food can provide valuable nutrition for dogs
  • Dog biscuits don't have to contain all the nutrition that a dog needs - it's a treat after all!

This is why we designed BrewBix with a vegan recipe. There is no need to add meat to dog treats, so we didn’t. Especially as we know plenty of dogs that love the Bix as they are!

Get yours now.

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