Does my dog have a carbon paw print?

Short answer: yes! But how can we dog owners reduce this?


Did you know there are 34 million pets in the UK alone? If our furry friends formed their own country, it would rank fifth in the world for meat consumption! 


Your Dog’s Carbon Impact

An average-sized dog can have a carbon footprint of 770kg of CO2e per year, while a large dog might clock in at a hefty 2,500 kilograms which is equivalent to a ninety-hour drive. The environmental impact of three dogs is comparable to a private jet's carbon footprint! According to Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation Group, three dogs produce about 2,310kg of CO2 annually, which comes to more than a single person’s private jet emissions for the year. 


The main culprit behind this high-carbon pawprint is our pets' meat-based diet. Pet food, often made from animal meat, is a major contributor to greenhouse emissions in the Western world. Pets are estimated to consume 20% of the world's meat and fish, making the pet food industry the 60th biggest CO2 emitter globally!


Reducing Their Carbon Pawprint

A simple way to reduce your pet's carbon pawprint is to cut back on their meat intake. You should opt for plant-based alternatives for treats and meals to cut down on carbon emissions. Our vegan, planet-friendly, tasty treats are a perfect solution for your dog.


Buying pet food in bulk is another eco-friendly move, reducing excess packaging waste. We offer larger pouches of our BrewBix, meaning you will cut down on transportation emissions and additional packaging. Also, don't forget about any leftovers – they make delicious, eco-friendly treats for your pets. However, be careful and always check what your dog can eat. Many foods are toxic to dogs and should be avoided.


Another key contributor to your dog’s carbon pawprint is their exercise. From driving ten minutes a day to take your dog on a walk, we emit 400kg of CO2 per year (Supercritical, 2022). This can very easily be cut down or avoided by walking your dog locally and from your own house if possible.


It is next to impossible for your dog to have no carbon pawprint. But it is possible to reduce it as much as possible to have as little effect on the environment. You can do this by reducing the quantity of meat your dog eats and by walking locally.


We have done the hard work for you and created a vegan, sustainable, and healthy treat that is great for dogs and even better for the planet. Try BrewBix today to help your dog do their bit in reducing their carbon pawprint.

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