Arguing about how to tackle climate change? You need to stop...

The most frustrating debates I see surrounding COP26 are between those that want to achieve net zero through technology vs those who want to slow economic growth, vs those that want to use market forces vs those that want to use government intervention etc etc.

We all know net zero is going to be a massive challenge. The reality is that none of the above solutions will achieve it on its own. We need a bit of it all. We all have our own preferences, but ultimately we are all part of the same mission: net zero.

So let people get on with campaigning for the solution that they believe in, and taking the actions they feel most suitable. If it’s different to the way you would do it, who cares? Let’s not get in the way of someone trying to solve the same problem in a different way. Because if it helps, then we should be happy about it. And if you aren’t happy about something that helps, then you are fighting the wrong battle.

If we want to get to net zero, then we are on the same team. We have the same objectives, and we can each carve out our different roles in achieving it. The only people we should be fighting against are the climate change deniers. So let’s unite against them, and get out of each other's way.


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